The 4 Health Benefits of Cabbage!

Cabbage has rich properties that benefit and promote the health of the human body. Cabbage  has many health benefits . It is a great source of vitamin C. Helps heal peptic ulcers.

People who consume a lot of cabbage  are less likely to develop colon cancer  , thanks to the bioflavonoids, indoles, genistein and other chemicals in cabbages that inhibit tumor growth and protect cells from free radical damage. released when the body burns oxygen .

As some of these substances speed up estrogen metabolism, women who consume large amounts of cabbage are less likely to develop breast , uterine and ovarian cancer. So, check out the  Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage:


  • It is a diuretic and helps in the treatment and prevention of diabetes , obesity, uric acid and cardiovascular disease.
  • Relieves symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.
  • It fights diarrhea and helps restore all the intestinal flora, preventing infections .
  • It fights colitis and gastritis, thanks to the presence of glutamine.
  • Treats colds and flu.
  • Caffeic and chlorogenic acids, present in cabbages, help to treat hyperthyroid problems.

You can also use cabbage  leaves  externally , you know? It’s very simple, here’s how:

1. Blows and bruises:

Just apply the fresh cabbage  leaf on the affected area. This also goes for joint, knee, and ankle pain. If you wish, you can wrap the leaves  overnight, like a bandage, and only take it off the next day, in the morning.

2. Thyroid glands:

They can have their functions regulated  with cabbage leaves . Simply place a few leaves  directly on the skin in the throat and neck area and then wrap it with a scarf to keep warm overnight.

Sleep with the compress and the next day, first thing in the morning, remove and wash the application area.

3. Headaches:

If they occur from stress, fatigue or lack of sleep, apply Cabbage  to the affected area – focus on both sides of the head and use a cap or cap to hold the leaves .

4. Pain in the breasts due to breastfeeding:

When the baby is a newborn, it tends to make the mother’s breasts sore from sucking. Pain can also be caused by milk congestion . Regardless of the reason, cabbage  is of great help as it relieves pain and swelling. You can treat this problem by placing fresh cabbage leaves on your breasts. In a short time, the pain and inflammation will disappear.

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