Alkaline water: what is it? are there benefits? what is it for?

Alkaline water  has a lot of essential benefits for good health. In addition, Alkaline Water is the basis of life on our planet and is present in almost all the elements that we know. In our body it is no different, we are formed by 70% water, 20% organic matter and 10% minerals. Therefore, for years the scientific community has been trying to understand how the composition of water can influence our health.

In fact, if we stop to think about it, some of the most important minerals for our body are obtained through the consumption of Alkaline Water , such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. However, water can also be a source of toxins and heavy metals that can interfere with our health. Piped water, for example, has high amounts of even chlorine.

What is:

Alkaline Water is a drink with a PH (potential hydrogen) greater than 7.5. As the body has a PH that is between 7.35 and 7.4, this type of Alkaline Water helps balance the acidic potential of the body. Excess acidity is harmful, as it means little oxygen in the cells and can be a gateway for harmful microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria , that live in an acidic environment.

In addition, there is a greater chance of adherence of fats in the blood , as well as thyroid malfunction, greater risks of developing diseases such as bone fractures, diabetes , cancer, and others. Alkaline Water acts, in this sense, making the body stronger and more resistant. Check it out now  Alkaline Water: What is it? are there Benefits? What is it for?

1. Reduces Anxiety:

Drinking Alkaline Water helps relieve anxiety. Research has shown that increasing acid levels in the body can make you more prone to anxiety and can stimulate the release of stress hormones in the body. Not only does this increase the pressure on your body, it also saps your energy and negatively affects hormone levels which then affect your body’s other essential functions.

2. Increases metabolism:

Drinking Alkaline Water regularly can help boost metabolism . By eliminating an acidic pH balance that tilts in the body, every organ is able to function efficiently, including the hormones and enzymes. This can lead to better fat burning, more efficient digestion, greater energy and a boosted immune system.

3. Relieves Acid Reflux:

The stomach is the most acidic place in the body, with a pH level of approximately 1.5-3. This is important, as acid is required to properly break down food and digest it. However, excess acidity in the stomach that is not tackled by alkalizing agents can lead to acid reflux disease , which damages the esophagus and leads to inflammation  of the intestines.

4. Increases energy levels:

Alkaline Water helps keep the pH level balanced in the body, which can further optimize your metabolic functions. Acidosis in the body impairs the cells’ ability to produce energy, which is needed for everything in life. Alkaline water can help improve energy levels in the body, but the changes may not be immediately noticeable.

5. Detoxify the body:

The minerals present in alkaline water can have antioxidant effects in the body. They help eliminate oxidative stress and the potential mutations of healthy cells caused by free radicals. Drinking Alkaline Water can also help the skin look younger and reduce other age-related symptoms like skin blemishes, osteoporosis, and even cognitive decline.

6. Reduces inflammation:

Alkaline water can help lubricate muscles and joints and relieve pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and asthma. This inflammation  is actually caused by a high level of acidity.

7. Improves bone health:

Alkaline Water helps in strengthening your bones. A small occurrence of chronic low-grade acidosis is mainly due to the body naturally compensating for the lack of alkaline minerals by pulling them from the bones to maintain a stable pH. This can worsen conditions like osteoporosis and bone mineral loss, which can be a big problem as you get older.

8. Improves heart health:

Studies have found that acidosis can be indicative of heart problems, including high cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as an increased risk of diabetes . Drinking alkaline water regularly to combat this acidity in the body can help protect your heart.

9. Increases immunity:

If you want to keep your immune system in good shape, balancing acidity with Alkaline Water  is a wise choice. It has been found that an acidic environment is an ideal place for the spread of disease, compared to an alkaline condition in the body. For example, tumors and other symptoms of oxidative stress and free radicals survive better in acidic conditions than in neutral or alkaline environments.

10. Word of Caution:

Many of these potential health benefits of Alkaline Water have been disputed by other researchers and its use is still being discussed. However, there is enough proven evidence and research on acidity levels to make many of these claims. That said, excessive alkalinity in the body is also not good, because a certain level of acidity is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system . Alkaline Water should only be added to your health program after talking to your doctor.

What is alkaline water used for?

Alkaline Water helps to level the PH in the body and blood , but more than that, it also helps to boost natural defenses, boosts immunity, and helps prevent bacteria from taking advantage of it to develop and cause disease. Drinking Alkaline Water frequently can also be of great help in improving the functioning of metabolism  and thus healthy weight loss.

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Since it eliminates excess alkaline water toxins that impair the functioning of metabolism and make it work slowly. A glass of Alkaline Water in the morning every day already helps to greatly improve the functioning of the body and it is possible to see results in a short time.

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