Banana mask to remove wrinkles and acne!

If you suffer early with acne, wrinkles and other marks that appear on your face, know that everything can be solved economically and naturally. The main ingredient of the recipes we brought you is the banana . This fruit has important properties for the health and beauty of the skin , in addition to being rich in potassium , which allows it to nourish the tissues. That is, it is no wonder that it is one of the best ingredients for a homemade mask.

With constant use, you prevent acne, wrinkles and fight the effects caused by skin diseases such as psoriasis . In addition, your face will be lighter and away from impurities.

See the step-by-step recipe:



  • Crush the banana until it becomes a puree;
  • Then add the honey;
  • Then, let the mixture act until it turns brown;
  • Before applying the mask, wash your face well;
  • After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water ;
  • Repeat the process at least three times a week.

For the other recipe, you will need:



  • Place the banana inside a small plastic container and add the bicarbonate of soda ;
  • Mix well until it becomes a puree;
  • Once this is done, apply the mask on the areas of the body that you want to moisturize, such as neck , hands and face;
  • Let it act for 20 minutes and then remove with warm water ;
  • This recipe is great for those who have oily skin or suffer from dark spots ;
  • For those who don’t know, baking soda is great for absorbing fat from the skin .

Ready! Now that you know 2 excellent homemade recipes to treat all these conditions; you will have 2 great allies to stay young and healthy for much longer. Enjoy!

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