7 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

At 7 weeks of gestation , it is possible that the woman already begins to notice weight gain, in addition to other characteristic symptoms. The embryo continues its development very quickly and takes the form of the future baby. At this point it can already start moving, although the mother will not notice it yet. During this week, it is recommended that a woman consider making a visit to her gynecologist for her first ultrasound.

Baby development at 7 weeks gestation:

At 7 weeks of gestation , the embryo has a gestational age of 5 weeks, since gestation starts counting from the day of the last rule, i.e. 2 weeks before the embryo ‘s conception . Furthermore, the size of the embryo is approximately 1 cm and it continues with organogenesis, that is, the development of all its organs and body systems. The changes the embryo experiences during the seventh week are discussed below:

  • The brain already has both hemispheres and neurogenesis takes place. At this time, about a billion neurons are produced.
  • Facial features are increasingly evident: the eyes have color, the eyelids appear, the nose begins to appear with the nostrils, the cavity corresponding to the mouth appears at the beginning of the digestive tract, etc.
  • The heart has two chambers and beats at a more regular rate.
  • The liver , pancreas and bronchi are formed and begin to function. The liver is responsible for producing blood cells because the bone marrow has not yet formed.
  • The skin is very thin, almost transparent.
  • The arms and hands are intuited, but the fingers have not yet appeared. The bumps on the legs begin to grow.
  • The embryonic digestive tract is formed, which is joined to the umbilical cord.
  • The skeleton acquires its shape and the tissue that will form the future vertebrae appears.

Due to all these important changes, that  7 weeks of gestation are fundamental for the proper development of the embryo . Exposure to teratogenic agents can cause birth defects in the future baby.

What are the symptoms at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

There are no major changes from last week. It is likely that some symptoms will begin to improve or disappear, but it is common to continue with the same symptoms as in previous weeks. Next, we will discuss the typical symptoms of 7 weeks gestation :

  • Nausea, with or without vomiting.
  • Sudden mood swings
  • The burn arises as a result of the pressure of the uterus on the stomach .
  • light weight gain
  • Constipation , as intestinal transit slows down.
  • Headache and fatigue.
  • Frequent need to urinate due to pressure on the vegija.

Most of these discomforts usually last for the first few months. From the fourth month onwards, the symptoms of pregnancy disappear, with the exception of those related to an enlarged belly.

Your body at 7 weeks pregnant:

Your cervix won’t be showing yet, because your uterus hasn’t risen yet (it doesn’t go until the end of the first trimester ), but that doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling the effects of being pregnant. From nausea to swollen breasts, your body is getting ready to grow your little one!

Swollen breasts:

Some women have climbed a full cup by 7 weeks gestation , which would be great if they weren’t so uncomfortably bloated and sore. Of course you can thank those pregnancy hormones for that. Ft is also accumulating in her breasts and more blood flowing to them. You may also notice that the areola (the dark area around the nipple) has gotten darker and larger and has small goose bumps. These are the sweat glands that provide lubrication for all the important changes when you start breastfeeding.

An extra glowing skin:

You may notice that your skin is better than ever, and your hair is shinier than the time you spent a fortune on Moroccan oil. These are both for the extra estrogen you’re producing right now.

What to do when you are 7 weeks pregnant:

One thing you should look out for is bleeding, whether in the form of dotted or smeared light, or a lot of blood. Bleeding in the first trimester is very common (affects about one in three women) and does not always indicate a miscarriage.

If you notice bleeding, you should see your doctor right away. Also, your doctor or obstetrician will be able to examine you vaginally and probably through an ultrasound. In most cases, the bleeding goes away and the doctor cannot explain it unless it is caused by an infection.

What to Avoid at 7 Weeks Pregnancy?


Nicotine influences the transport of oxygen to the fetus at  7 weeks’ gestation  and can cause bronchial disease in the newborn.


It is a toxic substance that can affect the baby’s physical and mental development at 7 weeks of gestation . One of the malformations that appear in the fetuses of drinking mothers is the so-called fetal alcohol syndrome.


It can cause anemia and increase the risk of miscarriage. It is best to let go of these unhealthy habits before getting pregnant when the woman is looking for it. In this way, it will be more bearable than doing it all at once and, in addition, there will be less risk of having affected the baby.

Recommendations at 7 weeks of pregnancy:

At 7 weeks of pregnancy , it is important for the woman to start paying special attention to the care of her body, if she has not already done so. Leading a healthy lifestyle will not only help you maintain a healthy pregnancy , it is also essential to combat unwanted symptoms such as nausea. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind during this 7 weeks of pregnancy :

1# Food at 7 Weeks of Pregnancy:

First, it is advisable to eat all meals at 7 weeks of pregnancy , even snack between meals, if the woman has a lot of nausea. In this way, the stomach will not be empty and it will be easier to fight them. Protein-rich foods are best suited for nausea. On the other hand, ginger is a natural plant that helps relieve nausea, whether in infusion or candy.

It is very important to drink lots of water during pregnancy . Hydration prevents stretch marks and reduce constipation. However, you don’t need to drink water either, as this can make nausea worse and increase the urge to urinate.

2# Exercises at 7 Weeks of Pregnancy:

A pregnant woman should not stop exercising completely. Practicing a moderate-intensity sport will help you to have a better pregnancy , reduce back pain, prevent stretch marks, etc. In addition, sport helps a lot to maintain muscle tone, strength and endurance, which will make a woman have a more bearable childbirth.

The most suitable sports at 7 weeks of pregnancy , both for an athlete and for those who do not like to play sports, are the following: pilates, yoga and swimming. Another option would be to take long daily walks. Walking is very good for circulation and also helps you rest and sleep at night.

What nutrients are essential at 7 weeks of pregnancy:

As we said, at 7 weeks gestation is very important for the correct evolution of the baby. Therefore, it is very important that the woman has a healthy and nutritious diet that favors all organogenesis. For this, we will highlight some essential nutrients in the diet:

1. Folic acid:

As a nutritional supplement, in addition to being found in vegetables and green leafy vegetables. It is an essential vitamin to avoid the risk of fetal malformations.

2. Ferro:

In green leafy vegetables and lean meats, in addition to tomatoes and oranges that improve their absorption. As the baby has a greater demand for blood, it is important to take iron to avoid anemia.

3. Calcium:

Take with milk and skimmed or semi-skimmed yogurts. Also with semi-cured cheese. Calcium is very important for the development of the baby ‘s nervous and muscular systems.

4. Fibers:

Fruits, vegetables and cereals should be consumed daily to prevent constipation at 7 weeks of pregnancy .

5. Omega-3 fatty acids:

Omega-3 has multiple benefits during pregnancy . In addition, it is important to avoid foods during the 7th week of pregnancy, to avoid toxoplasmosis or listeriosis: undercooked or raw meat and fish, unpasteurized milk and cheese, sausage, pâtés, etc. It is also very important to wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating it.

Extra tips for moms at 7 weeks pregnant:

During the  7th week of pregnancy , the woman can register changes in her sleep rhythm, which translates into greater tiredness during the day and a loss of energy for daily tasks. Try to rest more. If necessary, make small adjustments to your routine, such as removing the television from the bedroom or going to bed earlier.

Equally important is food. In addition, in pregnancy you should not eat for two, but you should make varied and healthy options. So, if you don’t have the possibility to follow a balanced diet while having lunch out, on work days, prepare the meals and take them from home.

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If you’re not sure what nutrients to eat and in what amounts, consult a nutritionist to create a food plan that suits your energy needs. Drink lots of water throughout the day. During the 7th week of pregnancy,  the mother gains, on average, 11 to 12 kg, needing an addition of only 250 to 300 Kcal per day to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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