5 Tips to Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. The asthmatic’s lung is different from a healthy lung, as his bronchi are more sensitive and inflamed – reacting to the slightest sign of irritation. In addition, there are some attitudes that can improve or even decrease the frequency with which asthma attacks appear.

Patients with the disease must ensure good environmental control, avoiding contact with substances that worsen their symptoms. In addition, annual vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia are essential. Proper use and good adherence to medications are also essential. Some actions can be taken to reduce the problem. For the Brazilian Association of Asthmatics (ABRA), they are:
Fight allergy:

  • Clean every daily, with a damp cloth, in the absence of the allergic;
  • Avoid brooms and dusters;
  • Clothes that are rarely used should be washed before use to prevent the accumulation of dust mites;
  • Avoid rugs, curtains and pillows in the bedroom, as well as stuffed animals;
  • Try not to use strong-smelling disinfectants and cleaning products.

No Molds:

  • Keep the house always airy and sunny;
  • Fight mold as well as any infiltration that may exist.


  • If you love animals but have asthma, it’s best to keep him outside and bathe him every week. Don’t let him sleep in the room or climb on beds and sofas.

Prevent viral infections such as colds and flu:

  • Avoid contact with people with the flu, as well as closed places;
  • Keep your flu shots up to date.


  • It is necessary to inform the doctor about the use of any medication, as it may be aggravating asthma attacks.

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