34 weeks pregnant – doubts and everything you need to know!


34 weeks pregnant is when the  anxiety about the arrival of the baby can be much greater at this time, but you can be calmer. If the baby is born prematurely, as studies indicate that babies are born between 34 weeks and 37 weeks of age.

Depending on the country you are in, during the 34 weeks of pregnancy , you should already be taking the last steps to apply for your work permit, so in case you are already at home, this is the time You should rest and to relax.

Leave out any worries you might have at work and spend the last few weeks of your pregnancy just thinking about your well-being and that of your baby. Taking time to talk to your friends and family and feeling loved by them is an excellent plan for this week.

Remember You must be alert for possible signs of labor. Having contractions or vomiting fluids constantly is an indicator to call your doctor.

What Happens to My Baby at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy?

At 34 weeks pregnant your baby is already very big and strong and all your organs are almost ready for work. In fact, as we told you, if your little one is born this week he won’t have any major problems, what will happen is he will be placed in an incubator to complete his weight gain.

Your baby already has a sleep schedule, so you will notice when he is awake and when he is sleeping much more easily. Your brain is very active and some studies already indicate that children can dream inside their mother’s womb.

His lungs are already mature so he is ready to breathe on his own when he comes out of his belly, only the lungs will grow bigger during the last few weeks so the breathing process will be much simpler.

Your little one’s kidneys are also fully formed and working, so at 34 weeks pregnant, your baby is already expelling urine in the amniotic fluid. During the 34th week of pregnancy you are likely to feel small bumps in your stomach, this is a sign that your baby has hiccups, which is very good and you should be happy.

Hiccups are a sign that your baby’s nervous system is already fully developed, although don’t be alarmed if you don’t feel it, because some mothers notice it and some don’t. If you could look at your baby too closely, you would notice that he sucks his thumb. This won’t determine what you do when you’re born, but it’s a reflection of the sucking your little one is developing for the time of breastfeeding.

At 34 Weeks of Pregnancy, How Big is the Baby?

At 34 weeks pregnant , your baby is huge. It measures about 46 centimeters and weighs about 2.2 kilograms. Its size is similar to that of a melon . Impressive!

Symptoms of Women at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy:

It is likely that you are tired and what we can say is that it is completely normal at this stage of pregnancy for fatigue to be greater. Your body has gone through a lot of changes, so you should try to relax and stay calm to save energy for the moment of delivery.

From 34 weeks of pregnancy it is also very common to get dizzy easily if you get up too quickly. Also another cause of dizziness can be low blood sugar or severe anemia , so it’s best to see your doctor if the dizziness is very constant.

In some cases, pregnant women can develop supine hypotensive syndrome as early as 34 weeks of gestation . If you have this condition, what can happen is that you get dizzy when you are lying on your back because it increases both your heart rate and your blood pressure.

This isn’t something you have to worry too much about and it will happen when you change positions. If red pimples appear on your belly or on your thighs and legs, you may have developed itchy papules and plaques from pregnancy. It can make you itchy and you should show them to your doctor to take care of you, but it’s usually something harmless that goes away after pregnancy.

Health and Emotions During Pregnancy:

Starting at 34 weeks pregnant , you will notice a significant increase in breast size and tenderness. Stretching the skin in some areas can result in stretch marks on your thighs , abdomen, and breasts. The best remedy is prevention with specific creams applied regularly based on rose hips.

If you experience edema and a tendency to varicose veins in your legs and vulva, do daily circulatory exercises and do pregnancy-specific exercises, such as swimming for at least an hour a day.

Discomfort related to the digestive system is also frequent in the final stretch: heartburn and slow digestion, and increased risk of constipation and hemorrhoids are usually common discomforts. And let’s not forget the need to urinate more often and lower back pain due to the change in the curvature of the back.

Recommendations for the 34 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Let’s see some suggestions and recommendations for this 34 weeks of pregnancy :

  • You can use a special belt or belt for pregnant women that will help you balance your body weight and reduce back pain that you may have at this time.
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential at this point in your pregnancy. Drinking fluid will keep your feet from swelling and will also make you feel great.
  • Take pictures to record your pregnancy week by week , you will notice that your belly will gain a lot of weight these last few days.
  • Meditating is a good option for women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy. It helps to release negative thoughts that generate Anxiety .
  • Remember not to stay in the same position for too long. Standing for long hours can inflate your feet.

34 Weeks of Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions:

We want to answer all your questions this week, so we’ve made a selection of the most frequently asked questions pregnant women ask themselves at 34 weeks of pregnancy .

34 Weeks of Gestation How many months is it?

At 34 weeks pregnant you are in the last week of the seventh month of pregnancy and the end of the eighth month. The countdown has begun and your third quarter is moving forward.

At 34 Weeks Pregnancy, Do I Have to Get an Ultrasound?

If you haven’t done this in the past week, it’s time for you to do so to see if your baby will arrive soon as healthy as possible. In this ultrasound that corresponds to your third trimester, your specialist will assess your baby’s size, as well as his position at this time, to verify that he is ready for delivery.

What is the Position of the Baby at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Most babies are already in the head position by 34 weeks gestation , which indicates that they are already well enough to start contractions, but not all babies do this this week, so there are a few weeks left in which you can turn around, though. , as you get older, it will be much more difficult for you to do so.

At 34 Weeks of Pregnancy, How Are Baby’s Movements?

Your baby’s movements are very intense, so each tug will feel very strong inside you, because having less space and being so attached to the walls of your belly, then everything will be much more noticeable. You can also feel others, you will see that it is customary for the father to want to touch your belly and for your baby to vibrate with his voice.

Is It Normal to Have a Hard Belly at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy?

A hard belly is a sign that contractions are coming, although at this point you should determine if they are real contractions or if they are the false contractions that some pregnant women experience before giving birth. The biggest difference between the two is that false contractions can be a little annoying but never painful, whereas real contractions hurt. Also, false contractions do not have a specific rhythm like labor contractions.

Likewise, if your belly has been hard for a long time, it’s best to call your doctor to get rid of any doubts.

Curiosities of the 34 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Although it is still early to start at birth as it is considered full term delivery. It takes place between weeks 37 and 40 of pregnancy. You may experience a number of signs and symptoms called prodromal labor, whose job is to modify the neck of the uterus.

Baby Position:

The baby descends so that the head fits into the maternal pelvis. Lowering the abdomen can relieve digestive discomfort and increase pressure on the bladder. So that you feel the need to urinate more often. In addition, the fit can cause a decrease in baby’s movements.

Braxton-Hicks contractions:

Irregular, painless contractions that result in rest. Its function is to mature the cervix, preparing it for dilation.

Mucous Plug Ejection:

A substance with a gelatinous consistency, which is mixed with red or brown blood. The mucus plug closes the cervix and isolates the baby from any viruses or bacteria inside the uterus, acting as a protective barrier.

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Note: It is important to note that each baby develops at a different rate. Experts say even that happens when the baby is in the womb. This page was created to give you a general guide to how pregnancy progresses and how the baby develops. Each pregnancy is particular. If you have any doubts, questions or inconveniences, consult your doctor.

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