33 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

At 33 weeks pregnant , with all of your organs practically developed and looking very similar to what you’ll have at birth, your baby moves more and more in a limited way. You may already start noticing the hiccups of the fetus. At 33 weeks gestation, the baby measures about 43.7 centimeters from crown to heel and weighs about 900 kilograms. Your bones continue to gradually harden thanks to calcium from the mother’s diet, which crosses the placenta. At this stage, the fingernails have already reached the fingertips and the taste buds have already developed, so you can distinguish some flavors from what your mother ingested.

In turn, the amniotic fluid that the baby swallows passes through the stomach and intestines. Waste or meconium will be stored in the colon and excreted after delivery. You should know that in addition to providing nutrients, the amniotic fluid your little one swallows and recycles is important for the sustainable development of their intestines.

33 weeks gestation is how many months?

33 weeks gestation is eight months and about a week pregnant .

Baby development at 33 weeks gestation:

This 33 Weeks Pregnancy your baby measures 43.6 centimeters (17.2 inches) from head to heels. It now weighs almost 2 kilos (a little over 4 kilos) or the equivalent of a pineapple. Thanks to the weight that has increased in the last 33 weeks of pregnancy , you are losing that wrinkled appearance you had until now.

Most of the bones are hardening, although those in the head are still very soft; in fact, they are separate bones that have spaces between them. This flexibility in the bones of the head allows it to compress to pass through the birth canal. The pressure is sometimes so intense during birth that some babies are born with a cone-shaped head. But don’t worry because this is totally normal and doesn’t hurt them.

It’s also temporary, because before long they look normal. Despite this, the bones of the head will not be fully united until the baby is between 9 and 18 months old.


33 weeks gestation in a word? Discomfort! Here’s what you’re probably feeling this week at 33 weeks pregnant:

1. Headaches:

Hormonal fluctuations at 33 weeks’ gestation can cause headaches. Thus, one can be stressed or dehydrated, so try to relax and drink plenty of water . A few extra trips to the ladies room are worth the sacrifice.

2. Shortness of breath:

By now, you may be used to not being able to catch your breath (especially if you are 33 weeks pregnant  with twins). Imagine what a relief it will be when your baby “let go” and free up some space around your lungs. For different moms, this happens at different times, but chances are it could be soon.

3. Forgetfulness and clumsiness:

This is the unproven phenomenon also known as “baby brain”. Your flight may be less due to your physiological changes and more due to the  stress  and anxiety of expecting a baby in less than two months.

Body changes:

At 33 weeks of pregnancy  , the expectant mother is still used to gaining between a pound and a pound a week, although the rate decreases as the end of the pregnancy  approaches. Also, at this stage of pregnancy , the dreaded sciatica can present itself, which can pose a major obstacle to mobility and well-being. Belly has been stretched, which causes drying out and itching to appear, and the belly button is now bulging and can even be noticed under the mother’s clothes.

At 33 weeks pregnant   , in addition to increasing volume, your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. The fetus itself is collaborating in this process, since in the last few weeks a hormone that is absorbed by the mother is distributed through the placenta, activating the production of milk , which will be ready immediately after birth.

Precisely, to prepare for breastfeeding, if this is the option you have chosen, you must pay more attention to the hygiene of your breasts, especially your nipples, which you must massage with specific products and dry them with a dry towel and a little. rough to make them stronger and tougher. If your nipples protrude little or are flat, you can try to stimulate them by gently pulling, without forcing, to provide the proper shape. You should also know that having flat or inverted nipples is not, in itself, an impediment or a contraindication to breastfeeding. When the time comes, ask your midwife for advice to help you breastfeed your baby in the best way.

How are the baby’s movements?

Don’t think that because your 33 weeks pregnant baby  is tight it won’t move at all, this is a false myth that can be harmful, because some mothers who believe it stop evaluating the baby’s movements. You should be vigilant to see if the baby moves through, in two hours, if you do less, it’s time to call your doctor to check that everything is in order.


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Let’s see some ideal suggestions and recommendations to consider at this 33 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Inviting a few friends over to hang out and share stories will lift your spirits and make you feel great.
  • Try to reduce pregnancy stress and do exercises that relax you. You can take a walk or swim to feel more comfortable.
  • If you are one of the people that you love to shop but feel tired at this stage of going out to the mall then take advantage of the internet and shop online. You’ll find that there’s a wide variety of articles for you and your child and all within reach of a click.
  • You should eat between 2 or 4 pieces of fruit a day to have enough vitamins for your baby to finish gaining the necessary weight for his/her growth.
  • Don’t forget to keep drinking lots of water . 8 glasses is the ideal measure to get through the day.

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