30 weeks pregnant – doubts and everything you need to know!

The 30th week of pregnancy means your pregnancy is entering its final stretch, with just 10 weeks left to reach your due date. Important changes continue to take place in the baby growing inside you and in your body.

The advantage of following your pregnancy week by week is that it allows you to take better care of yourself in a timely manner. From the 30th week of pregnancy , you should think about what you eat to avoid burns, gas and other abdominal discomfort and avoid fluid retention that can produce edema in the ankles, hands and face.

At 30 weeks pregnant , you should start preparing for the final stage of pregnancy; It’s only 10 weeks until the birth and the time to meet your baby is coming and you can’t contain the excitement and curiosity of seeing him for the first time.

Changes continue exponentially and it is important that you continue to take care of yourself according to the stage you are at; For this reason, it is so important to monitor your pregnancy week after week.

How is My Baby at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Your baby is fully developed, but there are still some tweaks left when the final pieces of the intricate puzzle are put into practice!

Your baby will measure about 39.9 centimeters in length now, weighing almost 2 kg and continuing to put on weight. If you go into premature labor and your baby is born premature, your baby will be taken to a special baby care unit, but they would have an extremely good chance of survival.

Their small lungs aren’t mature enough to support them in the outside world at this stage, and their brain is changing in appearance, taking on the ridges and ridges that make it look the same as an adult. These wrinkles will enlarge to provide more room for brain tissue to grow and develop.

Chances are, if they’re not your baby already, he’ll start moving his head down and into the “engaged” position. There is about a liter and a half of amniotic fluid around the baby, but this will decrease as they continue to grow over the last few weeks.

Facts to Know About Your Baby at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy:

  • Lanugo hair will begin to fade as new brain cells and fat help regulate body temperature during the remaining weeks in utero.
  • A liter and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds the baby, but this volume will shrink as it gets bigger and takes up more space in your uterus.
  • Your bone marrow is also starting to produce red blood cells ready for development and growth after birth.
  • Your baby’s digestive tract is now almost fully developed and will soon be ready for mouth feedings after birth.

You at 30 weeks of gestation:

With the end almost in sight, it might be good to start planning some little treats just for you before your baby is born.

Cutting your hair so it’s in an easy-to-maintain style, or going for a pedicure (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can still reach your own fingers!) can be a good way to grab some ‘me time’. ‘ before the baby arrives. Or you could just get some girlfriends for some pampering and get them to break up their friends!

Some spas offer specific packages for moms-to-be if you’re the ultimate indulgence – particularly adorable if someone has offered to treat you!

Facts to Know About Yourself at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy:

  • From now on you only need 300 more calories a day than you did before you were pregnant.
  • The food you eat now travels more slowly through your intestines to allow for better absorption. This can result in drier stools and constipation .
  • The waddle of pregnancy is due to the fact that the joints become more relaxed and the center of gravity changes.
  • Due to the sluggishness in your intestines, a buildup of gas is very common. Embarrassing, we know – but often unavoidable. Drinking lots of water can help.
  • Your kidneys work a lot harder, they need to filter more blood. Your kidneys also produce more urine when you get rid of waste by two.
  • You are more prone to urinary tract infections in pregnancy. Report any pain, blood, or burns to your doctor.

Symptoms of 30 weeks of pregnancy:

At 30  weeks pregnant , your dreams may be getting even weirder — if you’re actually sleeping, of course. This could be the result of hormones, but it could also be anxiety , so consider doing some prep work to help you rest easier. An idea? Take a test drive to see exactly how long it takes you to get to the hospital. So maybe you’ll stop having nightmares about giving birth in your car. Here are other common 30 weeks pregnant symptoms :


If you’re feeling the burn, pay attention to what foods could be causing it. (Often it’s a greasy, heavy, spicy, or acidic food.) Avoid them as much as you can, especially before bed, as this irritating 30 week pregnancy symptom can make it difficult to sleep.

Sleep Problems:

You’re tossing and turning because you can’t get comfortable – and because your mind is racing. Also, it’s such a vicious cycle that it leads to another problem: Fatigue .


A little swelling is to be expected, and it will usually go down if you put your feet up for a while. Also, just know that sudden or severe swelling can be a sign of a problem, so be on the lookout for that.

General Discomfort:

Thanks to her big belly, her back hurts, her hips hurt, and her feet… well, they hurt too!

Shortness of breathe:

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Those lungs keep getting fuller, right? Baby is still high up near your rib cage during your pregnancy, at 30 weeks gestation , but it should drop into your pelvis a little later in your pregnancy — maybe week 33 or 34. You’ll know when he or she does this because you will be able to take a deep breath again. Oh!

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