29 weeks of pregnancy – doubts and everything you need to know!

The 29th week of gestation to take care of your pregnancy is important as the fetus has an accelerated development in this week and will increase its weight. Your movements are more frequent and you can constantly notice them in your belly. On the other hand, the pregnant mother continues to experience some symptoms that will bother her more than usual.

The senses are very active, the child already knows how to feel comfortable and has learned to move. From 29 weeks of gestation , you will start to feel him roll over to rest, resting on your cervix. These back-and-forths will make your baby do more than kick you in the ribs. You will notice.

Symptoms that the Mother has at 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

29 Weeks Pregnancy leaves no doubt when you get a baby kick in the belly. You’ll instantly notice and know it was him. In fact, if you haven’t felt them for a long time, it’s best that you tell the gynecologist to make sure there are no problems with your pregnancy. He’ll ask you how many times you try one of his moves, something within the average should be around 5 per hour.

There are several symptoms to keep in mind towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy:

The famous cold: Do you find it difficult to go to the bathroom most of the time? It is because the uterus puts strong pressure on the intestines. This causes the retention of feces, whose water is absorbed by the body and then its expulsion is more complicated.

Acidity caused by progesterone:  Do you feel burning constantly? Especially if you’ve eaten a hearty meal, you’ll store more gas than usual, in part due to the hormonal change in your body.

Leg Cramps and Holes: Keep in mind that every week that goes by, your lower extremities are bearing a greater load of weight, which translates into pain, discomfort, cramping , and sometimes difficulty moving. If the pain persists or is very severe, ask your doctor to find a solution.

Appearance of hemorrhoids: Both constipation and a giant uterus can cause it. Most often they disappear within days of birth; meanwhile, they will cause itching and discomfort.

Changes in the Mother During the 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Weight gain in the third trimester is usually more than 5 kg, which means an increase of half a kilo per week. For this reason, the expectant mother may feel more clumsy than usual movements and may also notice that she gets tired faster than before.

We are in the final stretch of pregnancy, so in case you feel a little more tired than usual, it is advisable to lead a more peaceful life, decreasing the level of daily activity (work, household chores, exercise) as needed. …). You should avoid overexertion, taking frequent breaks, but not so much, it is advisable that you sit for a long time (it is good to get up every hour about 5 minutes to stretch your legs), if you spend a long time standing, (it is advisable to sit down and rest your legs periodically).

The increase in volume produced by weight gain and fluid retention can cause stretch marks on the skin, especially on the abdomen, thighs, hips and breasts. It is very important to avoid their appearance, because once established, it is very difficult for them to disappear. To prevent its appearance, it is advisable to keep the skin well hydrated with specific creams for this purpose, in order to keep the skin soft, well hydrated and stimulate the growth of connective tissue.

Hair During the 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Your hair has more volume than before because pregnancy hormones cause the body to retain hair longer than normal. It’s not that more hair is coming out, it’s that you’re losing less hair. There are three different phases of hair growth: growth, rest and elimination.

During pregnancy, and for a few months afterwards, your body only goes through the growth and rest phases. Then, a few months after giving birth, the elimination phase begins and the hair that your body has been holding for nine months starts to fall out. This hair loss during the postpartum period can be alarming, but it is normal.

Baby Development at 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Your baby has a height of approximately 39 centimeters, how fast has he been developing in the last few weeks! In addition, her weight has increased to 1100-1150 grams, something you will even notice in the belly.

Some organs, such as the lungs, have not grown at all and continue their gestation so that, in labor, they work perfectly and can breathe on their own. As the brain grew many months ago, the skull now extends to properly house it. In addition, its muscle fibers are strengthened so that the fetus moves properly and can walk for the next few months.

It is a phase in which the pregnant mother cannot stop eating. The baby requires all kinds of nutrients for proper fetal development. Eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, pasta, milk, eggs… that contain various nutrients. In this way, you will guarantee his physical integrity and your own. For example, one of the main minerals that cannot be lacking in your diet is Calcium , as your baby’s bones get stronger every day. There are dozens of foods suitable for you, such as milk , yogurt, semi-cured cheese, etc.

Baby Facts at 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

  • Your baby will double in size between now and birth!
  • Your baby gets all the nutrients from his digested food first.
  • All you have are leftovers.
  • The consistent rhythmic beat coming from the uterus probably means your baby has hiccups.

Dreams at 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At this moment, the dream of pregnant women begins to suffer. Usually the lack of sleep is due to the discomfort caused by the enlargement of the intestine and the possible stress that it causes to be still far from birth.

To avoid insomnia, you can follow these recommendations:

  • Eat early and slowly chew food.
  • Heartburn often occurs when you are pregnant, which is why you should wait and eat two hours after dinner before going to bed to prevent it from affecting your sleep.
  • It is recommended to perform some kind of gentle exercise throughout the day to get more tired of bed.
  • You have to try to sleep on your side and it can help to put a pillow between your legs to avoid pressing against each other.
  • As there is a greater need to go to the bathroom at night, it is advisable to drink some liquid a few hours before going to bed.

Control During the 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

In this period of pregnancy, in the absence of complications, visits are made every 4-6 weeks. During consultations with the doctor/midwife, the fetal heartbeat will be heard again, whose heartbeat oscillates between 120 and 160 beats per minute.

In the event that the mother consults a doctor if swelling of the feet or face or persistent headache has increased, it is important to consult her physician to rule out complications. Pregnant women who are Rh negative will receive an injection of anti-D gammaglobulin if they have not, to avoid Anemia and Jaundice  of the fetus at birth.

Tips for 29 Weeks of Pregnancy:

As we said, in the coming weeks the fetus will be significantly enlarged and for this it will need healthy food. If you feel any desire, nothing happens to satisfy it, but don’t get used to it and be rich and varied.

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Also, forget about experimenting with harmful substances like tobacco that can compromise the baby’s integrity or growth after birth. Caffeine and alcohol are also prohibited.

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