27 weeks pregnant – doubts and everything you need to know!

The 27th week of pregnancy is very important to take care of your pregnancy, at this time you will hear the baby beating in your abdomen. You should know that your heart rate is closely linked to your child and that his stress and habits directly influence him. If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle and pace of life, you can develop various problems.

Your baby has reached 900-950 grams and continues to grow exponentially each week. Also, before birth, you should weigh three times as much, so make sure you eat properly. Finally he opened his eyes and his sense of hearing is very good. The mother will experience various symptoms such as leg cramps due to rapid fetal development among others.

Symptoms After 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The pregnant mother’s body is adapting to welcome her child (maybe twins or more) into this world. In addition, it leads to a number of new symptoms that are normal at the moment.

Back Pain: They support additional weight on your belly, beyond what your body already gains. Therefore, mothers at the end of the second trimester of pregnancy will notice that their back weighs heavily on them, reaching pain at certain times, especially in the lower back and pelvis.

The pelvis region can also generate discomfort, only in the inner area of ​​the buttocks, quadriceps or femoral biceps (thighs). Also, again, the weight you have to bear in the 27 Weeks of Pregnancy is important, which can lead to this symptom.

Both these pains especially originate when you are in continuous motion for a very long period of time. This is walking more than necessary, doing housework (helping your partner and, if you can’t, hire a maid), picking up something very heavy, etc. This pain intensifies when you lean your body forward or sideways.

The weight of the baby or a change in position in pregnancy causes more similar discomfort, such as cramping  in the leg muscles. Some muscle fibers can break and cause stiffness. You will feel them especially when you are at rest and the day after overexertion.

Constipation: As the uterus grows, the uterus puts more pressure on the large intestine, delaying digestion and making it difficult to expel stool, which will have dried up by absorbing water.

Stretching the skin and stretch marks: To avoid this, moisturize a lot and apply a specific cosmetic for pregnancy. Varicose veins will also appear, many of which disappear within a few weeks of giving birth.

Desires During the 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Hear what your body says: It’s possible that these pregnancy cravings are giving you an idea of ​​what your body needs right now. If you have a lot of meat cravings, it could be a sign that you need more  iron or protein in your diet, whereas if you want to eat ice cream and cheese, it could indicate that your body needs more fat and calcium .

Pay attention to your body, as long as what you want is food, not stuff like junk, tobacco, or dry ink (a symptom of a disease called pica, which affects some pregnant women).

The Braxton Hicks Contractions:

Pregnant women may notice so-called Braxton Hicks contractions. While there are women who do not experience this, these contractions (named after the first doctor to describe them) are retractions of the uterus that begin after the sixth week of pregnancy. These are physiological contractions of the uterus, which prepare the uterus for delivery. Usually, the pregnant woman notices them as a hardening of the abdomen, but totally painless.

If they are very regular or painful, it would be advisable to consult a doctor, as the expectant mother could be in preterm labor. At this gestational age, the fetus is sufficiently developed to be born. However, serious complications are still possible, and it would need to be under control and in the incubator for a few weeks.

How Your Body Changes at 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At 27 weeks pregnant , does your mood go up and down? It’s completely normal for expectant moms like you and is likely to get worse as your due date approaches. On the one hand, there is the irresistible desire to hold your child in your arms; on the other, the tension that accompanies this event. In times of greatest anxiety , try to focus on your child and start taking an interest in childbirth preparation courses.

The courses, in addition to teaching you the best techniques to face childbirth and providing you with a complete knowledge of what is happening in your body, will allow you to meet women who are going through the same stage of their life. With them, you will share concerns, doubts and fears. You will feel much less alone.

From now on, hormonal changes can vary from week to week. It is normal to have swollen feet and legs. Even so, if the swelling lasts for a long time or spreads to your face, speak to your specialist. Stretch marks on the breasts and belly are also very common in this period of time.

Fetal Development at 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

After 27 weeks of gestation , which is approximately 6 and a half months, the baby will perch in the entire uterus due to the size it has reached. Now, it measures no less than 38 centimeters in height. This is the week when the eyelids are opened for the first time, when he opens his eyes to try to see what is around him, he also sucks his thumb and the naps have been regularized, that is, sleep at the same time all every day, and he wakes up routinely. He is almost a fully developed person!

Although the lungs have not been fully generated, every now and then he breathes, and if a premature birth occurs, the baby’s life could be saved with artificial respiration and intensive care.

The expectant mother may notice something special besides the kicks in the belly. The fetus sometimes has hiccups! You can detect it because spasms occur for a while with a certain frequency. After a while it will disappear like normal people, so don’t worry about it. In fact, the baby doesn’t even realize he’s having hiccups.

Another of its organs that has developed the most is the brain, which is gaining autonomy week after week, connecting neurons to each other to start managing the entire body. Your nervous system is indispensable for a healthy life. Therefore, you may notice each time the fetus moves further inside your belly.

Regarding the digestive system, it now swallows amniotic fluid at a rate of 30-40 ml per day, which digests and filters nutrients. He already uses his kidneys to make urine.

Sleep Cycles During the 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Around 27 weeks of gestation , the sleep and wake cycles of the fetus begin to be regular. This does not mean that the fetus responds to a sleep schedule. This means that your brain’s development allows you to start having relatively regular cycles, although your baby’s sleep is not fully regulated until the first year of life.

Even so, the fetus spends most of the day sleeping, but it may begin to be observed that it usually moves at the same time each day. That is, he is usually more active at certain times of the day.

Baby’s eyes are developing and the sense of sight continues to evolve, so this week’s eyelids will open. They were closed until now because they were forming.

Also, as the thickness of the uterus narrows due to its growth, external light can be felt by the baby. Also during this week of big changes, baby will hold their hands to their face without touching their eyes.

The Baby’s Reproductive Organs at 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

  • The child’s testes will have descended into the scrotum, while the girls’ ovaries will already have all the follicles.
  • In the testes will appear a quantity of fluid around which is called “hydrocele” and that disappears soon after birth.
  • In addition, a muscle called the cremaster will protect the testicles from the cold, causing them to rise in the groin when the temperature is low.

Facts to know about your baby at 27 Weeks Pregnancy:

  • At 27 Weeks of Pregnancy , your baby is 36cm long, weighing 1.9kg and about the size of a cauliflower head .
  • Your baby will be opening their eyes for the first time and eyelashes have formed.
  • Your baby will start to practice breathing movements, even if his lungs aren’t taking in oxygen.
  • Babies have almost 15% fat on their body, but this will be closer to 30% by the time they are born.
  • Your baby’s heartbeat is so strong that your partner can hear it if they put their ear in your lap.

Control of Pregnancy at 27 Weeks of Pregnancy:

This is a good time to perform a three-dimensional ultrasound as this is when the fetus can be best visualized because it has the right size and amniotic fluid.

This test is optional as it is only done in public hospitals when a congenital anomaly is diagnosed in the fetus by performing two-dimensional ultrasound.

Advice, remedies and additional care

An effective remedy for leg cramps is to stretch all your muscles twice a day. Thus, the mother prepares them to support the baby’s weight. It stretches the quadriceps, femoral bones and the twins, mainly affected by the weight of the fetus.

On these dates, it will be normal for you to have enough cravings and want to eat more whims than usual, such as chocolate and other sweets. Satisfy them every now and then, but don’t forget to balance your diet so that fetal development takes its healthiest course possible. Eat protein, good fats, carbohydrates to accumulate energy, vitamins, iron to fight anemia , calcium for bones…

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And above all, get rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking. They don’t help you and you can get the baby in serious trouble, something you would never forgive. Be responsible!

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