25 weeks pregnant – doubts and everything you need to know!

At 25 weeks pregnant you may feel a mixture of emotions and anxiety, your baby can respond to light, touch and sound is now very important. You may even notice that they jump or kick in response to a loud noise. Your baby is crying frequently, and this urine passes into the amniotic fluid. Your brain , digestive system and lungs are developed but they are not what they call “mature” yet they will continue to develop as your pregnancy progresses.

Baby Development at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At 25 Weeks Pregnancy , the baby already has eyelashes and finally opens his eyes. Your tongue comes out of your mouth and moves sideways. Your fingernails also begin to show, although they don’t take long to reach your fingertips. Its head is still very large compared to its body, although little by little it acquires a more proportionate size.

At 25 weeks of gestation , the baby measures about 34.6 centimeters from crown to heel and its average weight is 660 grams. Until now, all babies grow at a similar rate, but from now on, each will grow based on their genetics and environmental factors. As the pregnancy progresses, the functioning of the kidneys improves and the amniotic fluid produced becomes more and more similar to urine in composition. In addition, blood flow from the umbilical cord and placenta regulates the baby’s temperature, keeping it as close to the mother’s body temperature as possible.

The skin keratinization process continues and is less and less translucent. The thickest layers of keratinized cells are found on the baby’s palms and soles of the feet. Starting this week, you begin to deposit brown fat on your neck, chest and back, a fat that, after birth, will serve to generate heat and energy.

25 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms:

Common symptoms to look out for at 25 Weeks Pregnancy :

Finding it difficult to move:

Now that at this 25 week  stage your belly is getting bigger, it’s understandable that it’s more of an effort to get moving. Talk to your doctor about which types of exercise are safe, but make sure you follow a few rules: don’t exercise when you’re tired, and stop immediately if you experience pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness. Don’t lie on your back and try to avoid contact sports.

Beautiful hair:

Finally, a pregnancy symptom in 25 Weeks Pregnancy   you’d love to be around! Your hair can be fuller and shinier than ever, thanks to pregnancy hormones that keep your hair stuck to you. Enjoy it while it lasts!


And now going back to those side effects, you can’t wait to say goodbye: the so-unwanted hemorrhoids you might be noticing in the rectal area, caused by increased blood flow to the area as well as an enlarged uterus . At this stage of 25 weeks gestation,  trying to avoid foods that cause constipation is a good idea. This will only make hemorrhoids worse, so make sure you eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of water.

Restless Legs Syndrome:

15% of women experience the peculiar effects of RLS at 25 Weeks Pregnancy , which include a tingling sensation in the feet and legs, as well as an urge to move them. Experts aren’t sure what causes it, but many women are helped by different methods, such as acupuncture, a warm bath, or eating foods rich in iron.

Bleeding Gums:

A common but unpleasant side effect of pregnancy , bleeding gums can affect you this 25 Weeks Pregnancy . Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly, and if you’re worried, see a dentist to discuss your concerns.

Your Body at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At  25 Weeks Pregnancy , your belly is already a reality for everyone, so it might be the perfect time to start wearing your pre-mother clothes. Either way, try not to wear too-tight clothing or Lycra. Your underwear, preferably cotton , should be as comfortable as possible and adapt perfectly to the changes your body is experiencing, which harbors new, growing life.

Your baby isn’t the only one with more hair. It is possible that her hair looks more beautiful and silky than ever before. This is due to the increase in sex hormones known as androgens at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy . Everything will return to normal in the weeks after the baby is born.

In this  25 Weeks of Pregnancy  you will notice more of your baby’s movements, especially during the nights when you lie down or are relaxed. In fact, while you are active during the day, your movement acts as a kind of rocking for your baby, which favors a peaceful sleep.

At 25 weeks of gestation How much is the baby?

At 25 Weeks of Pregnancy , your baby continues to increase in size and weight. In just one week, it went up 100 grams, so it should weigh about 700 grams, as much as you take a medium turnip in your hands. As for the length, your baby should measure about 34 centimeters.

Recommendations for 25 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Let’s see some ideal suggestions and tips for this 25 Weeks of Pregnancy :

  • At this point, they should be ready to take a test to rule out gestational diabetes , which is why they continue to watch their diet.
  • This phase of  25 weeks of gestation is a good time to exercise. No intense workouts, just do what makes you feel comfortable without putting too much strain on your body.
  • Practicing yoga and pilates is an excellent option that will make you feel healthy and well-being with yourself in 25 Weeks of Pregnancy .
  • Try not to spend a lot of time lying on your back, as you will put too much pressure on the veins that run through your spine and feel uncomfortable.
  • Drinking water is essential, but make sure you don’t do it before going to sleep because you can encourage greater fluid retention in your body.
  • Don’t spend too much time standing or sitting, it’s best to rotate positions to reduce pressure on your back and feet.
  • Keep talking to your baby if you haven’t already. Put music on it, so your baby is stimulated by the sounds coming from the outside environment.

25 Weeks of Gestation How many months is it?

Congratulations! You are already in the last week of your fifth month of pregnancy and the last weeks of your second trimester, so you will soon be on the final stretch to hold your baby in your arms.

What Happens If You Don’t Feel Your Baby At 25 Weeks Pregnancy?

Although it is very strange that in this 25 Weeks of Pregnancy  you still haven’t felt even a slight kick, all pregnancies are different and every woman’s feelings are different too, so the right thing is to go to your doctor to check that everything is in order. order with your pregnancy .

What is the Baby’s Position at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Space in your uterus at 25 Weeks Pregnancy  is still big enough for your little one to be able to turn around, but not big enough to do so easily, so at this point your little one may still not change position, although that won’t. It means you don’t feel too much.

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Note: It is important to note that each baby develops at a different rate, experts say even this happens when the baby is in the womb . This post was created to provide you with a general guide to how pregnancy progresses and how the baby develops at this stage if 25 Weeks of Pregnancy . Each pregnancy is particular.

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