23 weeks pregnant – Questions? All you need to know!

At around 23 weeks of gestation , the baby will reach half a kilo in weight and 30 centimeters in length , from head to toe. This is interesting because the expectant mother can talk to him and he can listen to him, talk about his desire to bring him into the world and pamper him more than anyone else! On the other hand, the mother may experience different symptoms, pain or significant discomfort to identify.

This week your skin starts to pigmentation. The pregnant woman may have circulatory problems at this stage of pregnancy due to the pressure of the uterus on the veins. To reduce them, it is important to take care of posture when resting. She may also experience increased tenderness in the gums or bleeding from the same.

Mother’s Symptoms at 23 Weeks of Pregnancy:

If at first you experienced dizziness and pain typical of the first trimester of pregnancy, this week should have completely dissipated. However, there are mothers who preserve all symptoms over nine months, and hormonal changes persist causing all kinds of discomfort.

More symptoms that are usually witnessed at this 23 weeks gestation  are:

  1. Swollen legs and ankles. It also occurs in the feet and is known as edema. Fluid retention in certain areas of the body causes these discomforts causing a somewhat unsightly appearance. The composition of the blood is altered, giving rise to this pregnancy symptom.
  2. Back pain and leg cramps as a result of the growth of the uterus, the baby’s weight gain and yours. The best way to resolve this is through yoga and walking several times a day.
  3. Both of these symptoms subside after childbirth, as your body is freed from a major load and will return to normal.
  4. Go to the bathroom to urinate more often, as the bladder has less space because of the enlargement of the uterus to store urine.
  5. Constipation , difficult to make belly.
  6. Pain and bleeding in the gums.

Sensitive gums during 23 weeks of pregnancy:

During pregnancy, more blood flows to all tissues, including those in the mouth. Therefore, the gums can swell, soften and bleed, resulting in gingivitis in pregnant women. But even if you have these discomforts, continue to brush your teeth carefully and floss. Without proper care, gingivitis can get worse and become periodontitis .

Periodontitis is a more serious gum disease, in which the infection affects the bone and other tissues that support the teeth in addition to the gums. That’s why now is a good time to go to the dentist… especially because later on you won’t have much time!

Use toothpaste for sensitive gums and be sure to brush after each meal to avoid infections. Thus, you will protect your bones, your teeth will remain healthy and everything will flow perfectly. If you notice that the problem persists, visit your dentist as soon as possible to avoid more serious complications.

Changes in the mother’s body at 23 weeks of gestation:

If you suffered from headaches during your first trimester, you may not have as many now. It’s just that many women get headaches in early pregnancy due to hormonal changes, changes in blood circulation and nasal congestion .

You may also have noticed slight swelling at some point during your pregnancy, especially in your ankles and feet. This is called “edema” and it is because changes in blood chemistry cause fluid to be retained in the tissues.

In addition, the uterus, which is getting bigger every day, puts pressure on the veins that return blood from the lower body to the heart. As a result, circulation in the legs is slower.

Edema usually gets worse later in the day and during the summer. However, when your baby is born, you will eliminate all that excess fluid. That’s why it’s normal to urinate more in the days after giving birth, in addition to sweating a lot.

Baby position at 23 weeks gestation:

The baby has passed the 500 g barrier… How big he is! It’s the equivalent of a large zucchini , and with its nearly 30 centimeters tall, you’re sure to notice its kicks in the belly and its movements, just as it will feel you. You can smell, taste and listen, it is highly recommended that you talk to him constantly and have his dad tell him things so he gets to know him too. Even if you dance, he will have fun!

The fetus’ skin, covered in lanugo (hair) and cheesy varnish, remains wrinkled until it grows larger. It has a color close to pink until the melanin is released weeks later. The organs no longer look like the beginning of pregnancy, but the veins are perfectly appreciated, in fact, they are what give you that characteristic color in the second trimester.

One of the developing organs at 23 weeks of gestation  is the lungs. They are not yet fully gestated. The arteries and veins that are part of the circulatory system branch off to collect oxygen in the alveoli, which are also forming. They are delayed organs and the reason for breathing problems in babies born prematurely. In fact, there are mothers who give birth this week and the baby’s survival is extremely complicated, though not impossible.

He now consumes much more amniotic fluid to adapt his digestive system to when he needs to nurse from her breasts. The kidneys are responsible for generating their own urine.

Facts about the baby at 23 weeks pregnant:

  1. From about 23 weeks pregnant , your baby may be surprised by sudden noises like sneezing;
  2. Your baby’s eyes are now fully formed, although they still have no color;
  3. There’s probably still enough room for your baby to somersault—not much longer;
  4. Your baby is close to 30cm long, weighing around 500g;
  5. Some say your baby is able to dream in sleep now.
  6. Did you know that this week baby takes a lot of naps and when he wakes up he stretches his arms and legs? And his position has not yet been prepared for delivery.

Fetal changes during 23 weeks of pregnancy:

It begins to deposit the pigment that colors the skin; Currently this skin is thin and with many wrinkles, which will be progressively smoothed. Thus, the baby will be born with a certain pigmentation in its skin, but it will not acquire its definitive color until the end of the first year of life. However, the iris is still not pigmented. Therefore, it is not yet known what color the eyes of the future baby will be.

Bones continue their transformation by progressively moving from cartilage to bone. It is a calcification process that starts in the center of the bone and progresses towards the ends, and this will continue once the baby is born. In fact, it will last until several years later.

Care for the 23 weeks of pregnancy:

It is normal that in a few weeks you have fears and worries about the state of the baby. Don’t be scared and talk to your partner. Even if you need to, take a weekend sabbatical at the spa or in the bush. Freeing the mind will be good for both of you.

To feel full of energy and vitality, it is essential to eat properly. Don’t fall into the trap of constant cravings and, of course, avoid alcohol and tobacco at all costs. Drink decaf coffee and decaf tea.

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