21 weeks pregnant – Questions? All you need to know!

At 21 weeks pregnant your baby is already about 30 centimeters tall, growing since you were pregnant. Now he moves at a rate of 1000-1200 times a day, and you’re going to feel a lot of his spasms, especially when you’re sleeping. As for the mother, she will feel more relaxed, as it is normal not to suffer from Nausea in these weeks. However, other symptoms may come to light… We will explain more about this to you.

At 21 weeks of gestation , your baby’s digestive system allows him to swallow amniotic fluid, absorb nutrients from the fluid in the small intestine, and pass the rest of its contents into the large intestine. Your nails will also start to grow, just like your belly, which will be impossible to disguise!

Fetal Development and Movements at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The baby continues to grow more than 1 centimeter a week, and now measures what is a relatively large cucumber , a total of about 20 centimeters. And not only that, but its weight exceeds 300 grams, it now weighs between 310 and 350 grams. The genitals have formed in both the boy and the girl, and if your fetal position allows it, the ultrasound will reveal your gender so you can choose your name.

Her movements in her mother’s womb are incessant, you can already notice some of her belly kicks. As several gynecology experts explain, babies move at a rate of 1200 times a day! It is normal to notice it in your belly. It doesn’t matter if you are awake or asleep, because many are involuntary impulses that are part of your development.

Eye and Hair Color at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

All of your baby’s physical characteristics, including eye and hair color , are determined by the combination of genes inherited from you and your father.

Genes are randomly combined, and while dark colors are dominant in theory, it’s not a fixed rule either.

For example, if you and your husband, or your parents, have a different eye color, your baby could inherit either of these possibilities.

There are even cases where couples with brown eyes have had children with blue eyes. Your baby’s final eye color stays on their first birthday, but hair color changes as your child grows.

How is the Evolution of Sex at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At 21 weeks of gestation the baby is already very active and does not stop moving. According to medical studies, the baby at this stage usually moves about 50 times every hour. All these movements serve to stimulate your correct physical and mental development.

In addition, at 21 weeks of gestation , he is already breathing and swallowing amniotic fluid, preparing to breathe and digest when he is born. If you are going to have a girl, your ovaries will have over 6 million eggs. By the time she hatches, this value will decrease to 1 or 2 million, that is, the total number of eggs you will have for the rest of your life. Semen, on the other hand, occurs throughout a man’s reproductive life.

Until now, your liver and spleen were responsible for the production of red blood cells. From 21 weeks of gestation , the bone marrow has developed sufficiently and now it is she who is in charge of its production.

Facts to Know About Your Baby at
21  Weeks of Pregnancy:

From the second trimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus, then drink, then pee again, then drink.

Your baby starts making his first poop, called meconium, around now, he won’t poop until after birth

Every baby develops a nice mustache while in the womb. This fine hair then spreads all over the body.

Your baby now weighs more than your placenta, about 360g.

What are the Mother’s Symptoms After 21 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Tranquility and stability are based on your feelings during this period as a pregnant woman. Although you may have slight discomfort, especially if you are in your first pregnancy, the belly did not grow as much and you got used to the situation, and the first trimester symptoms ( Nausea , vomiting, bad mood, fatigue…) disappeared. . Now just touch and caress her belly to let baby know you’ve fallen in love with her.

However, there is a list of symptoms that can upset you:

Granites on the face and other parts of the body. An event in sebum secretion results in the appearance of pimples like acne. There are unique facial cleansers to regulate facial fat. Also, some of them, like Dermohelp’s Nettoyant Gel, do not produce soap and are much more skin-friendly.

It is also possible for the dermatologist to recommend a specific product or medication for pregnant women. Never use one without a prescription.
During these weeks, varicose veins can form in various regions of the body. It’s partly hereditary, so you can tell if your mother had them, because it will increase the likelihood that you will have them too. Another reason why certain veins swell is the increase in blood volume in the circulatory system, which causes pressure and marks on the skin. Another cause is that the hormones that trigger these nine months, such as progesterone, are the cause of a relaxation in the muscle of the blood vessels, which leads to their dilation. You will have them especially on the legs.

How to Control at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At 21 weeks of gestation it is still time to perform the morphological ultrasound, if it has not been done before. In this ultrasound, in addition to taking measurements of the fetus, a detailed examination of all its morphology is performed, being able to diagnose anomalies in the development of the fetus; Therefore, this ultrasound can diagnose most of the malformations that the fetus can present. For any diagnosed malformation, discussed with the parents the significance and prognosis of which, if necessary, expand the study with further evidence, which may include performing a more comprehensive, ultrasound analysis, amniocentesis or MRI.

Some Precautions for the 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The mother must take better care than ever for the baby to grow strong and healthy in her womb. It is imperative that you don’t lose good habits and control your cravings. Also, remember to stop smoking completely if you are a smoker, and alcohol if you regularly drink (beer, wine…). Don’t jeopardize your child’s development due to bad habits.

Remember that while moderate exercise is highly recommended, you shouldn’t strain your body.

Take care of your posture to avoid typical third trimester discomforts (back pain, rib pain…etc.) and try to provide your body with all the rest it requires.

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If you feel nervous, it is better to go to the gynecologist and ask him, one by one, all the doubts that are in your head. He will consider whether an ultrasound is necessary, etc.

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