2 weeks pregnant – what happens? important informations!

The 2nd week of gestation is when ovulation occurs, that is, when the follicle ruptures to release a mature egg to be fertilized in the fallopian tube. In regular periods of 28 days is the time with the highest fertility rate, so if we are looking for a pregnancy it is the right time to intensify our sexual relations.

Fertile days are the days when you have a better chance of getting pregnant. A woman’s cycles usually cover 28 or 30 days, so the central days of the cycle are the most favorable for getting pregnant: 14 or 15 days after the first day of menstruation .

The first weeks of pregnancy are very important because the embryo begins to develop the bases of the organs, its own characteristics and the nervous system. The placenta begins to form during this second week, and is considered to have acquired its final shape around the third month. It is the organ that will nourish the baby for the next few months.

Development in the 2nd Week of Pregnancy:

Once expelled from the testes, this pierces the surface of the ovary and is directed to the fallopian tube, which appears to contract and relax to drag the sperm through the tube, which marks the beginning of its journey into the uterus, where the fetus will finally be. implanted.

Along with the mature egg, some fluids from outside the ovarian follicle and hormones, such as progesterone, which in turn stimulate the thickening of the lining of the uterus.

What the Body Looks Like in the 2nd Week of Pregnancy:

At 2 Week of Pregnancy , it is expected that eventually, to be a single mature egg that begins the journey to the fallopian tubes and then, if fertilized, in the uterus , you should know that both ovaries contribute to the growth of the ovaries. follicles. It should also be noted that some women release more than one egg a few months, so getting fertilized two means that, if all goes well, at 39 weeks you will give birth to twins.

The Baby at 2 Weeks of Pregnancy:

From the 2nd week of gestation, it develops what we call an embryo, which basically has a head, a trunk and a curly tail.

The  Week of Pregnancy of pregnancy is marked by:

  • The attachment of the blastocyst (embryo formed by a set of cells) in the uterus, as it will be its “home” throughout pregnancy.
  • The creation of the amniotic sac or cavity (covered by two membranes that surround the future baby), including amniotic fluid, fluid that serves as a shock absorber for the fetus during its stay in the amniotic sac.
  • The chorionic cavity, where the embryo will be fixed on a fixation pedicle, which will be transformed into the umbilical cord (tube that connects the embryo to the placenta).

In addition, in this second week of gestation, lacunar circulation is formed, that is, blood will circulate throughout the embryonic space and the period in which the embryo feeds on nutrients provided by maternal blood will begin.

Two small eye cavities appear, in addition to giving space for the development of bones, muscles, kidneys, lungs, intestines and digestive system. It also gives rise to the development of the neural tube responsible for becoming the brain, spinal cord, nervous system and spine.

How is the Mother at the 2nd Week of Pregnancy:

Inside the mother’s body, a safe world is created for the baby to develop, protected from the outside world. During this week there is a hormonal change, where there is a notable increase in estrogen, with the aim of stimulating the uterus to adapt to the development of a new life.

Most mothers-to-be don’t notice many changes during this week. Some people experience some pregnancy symptoms in a very short time as a result of hormonal change, although they tend to be few and far between. There should still be a few days for certain more obvious changes to manifest.

Disorders That May Affect at 2 Weeks of Pregnancy:

In one report it was observed that 25% of women experience pelvic pain during ovulation. Due to irritation of the secreted fluid or blood that breaks the follicle and releases the egg. The vagina may also be more lubricated due to the increase in cervical mucus, which also becomes more transparent, viscous and elastic. Other signs that help confirm that we are in the second week of pregnancy and are about to ovulate at basal body temperature.

Between days 12 and 14 of the cycle is when there is no greater chance of pregnancy. This is a short period of time when estrogen levels rise until they reach their peak and where women do. They also produce the male hormone testosterone which is responsible for libido. So it is likely that these days, women are also more willing to have sex.

Important Information About the 2 Week of Pregnancy:

Although the mother can lead a more or less normal life during pregnancy. It is true that some hobbies, like traveling, must adapt to her status. The first thing to note is that during the first trimester. There is an increased risk of miscarriage and developmental problems in that baby. So special emphasis needs to be done to avoid extreme temperatures and frenetic activities and leave it to others.

Useful links: 

At the moment, these trips to countries where disease or insect infections are a high risk factor. Flying is safe during this period as long as there are no pregnancy complications, although it is true that the discomfort of travel can increase morning sickness.

  • Sperm can survive inside a woman’s body for up to five days.
  • While a woman has her period, between 15 and 20 follicles develop in the ovaries.
  • If you already have two children of the same sex, there is a 75% chance of conceiving another creature of the same sex again.

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