18 weeks pregnant – Questions? All you need to know!

From the 18th week of pregnancy , the size of the uterus begins to make the belly more evident and, although you can continue to have a normal life, as they are behind the symptoms of the first trimester, as new symptoms of the changes that appear in the mother.

And you can feel your child ‘s movement for the first time. At 18 weeks of gestation , the baby is larger than the placenta for the first time and will continue to grow gradually. In fact, by the end of the pregnancy, the baby will weigh six or seven times as much as she does. Now, the reproductive organs are developing, both internally and externally, and in the case of girls, in their ovaries follicles containing immature eggs are already forming.

Mother’s Symptoms at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Chances are, cravings appear and you eat various whims. One symptom that develops at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy as a result of the disappearance of Nausea , is an appetite greater than ever for the mother. You will want to eat sweets and an extra spoonful of meals. However, you cannot forget that in your womb there is a new living being in gestation. You should eat a varied, diet rich in all types of foods. proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins… so that the fetus becomes stronger. Take fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and more. And, every now and then, the occasional candy.

To avoid starving yourself in the remaining months, dose your food in 5-6 meals a day, so you will suffer less cravings. And other possible symptoms would be:

  • Changes in personality or mood, if you still have dysregulation of certain hormones.
  • Your breasts will be getting bigger to breastfeed.
  • You will urinate more than expected. No wonder, because the uterus grows and squeezes the bladder. The same goes for constipation .
  • Do you dream strange things? Again, it’s due to the hormones that, along with your worries about the baby, disturb your nighttime thoughts. It is a very important part of life for you, something that causes strange dreams and nightmares in some people.

The best remedy is to get rid of the stress or anxiety caused by being 18 weeks pregnant. Motherhood is complicated, but you can always trust your partner! After giving birth, you will go back to sleep peacefully.

What is the Size of the Baby at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

At 18 Weeks of Pregnancy your baby will be about 14.2 cm long, weighing almost 190 g and similar in size to an onion . Your nerves will now be forming a protective covering of myelin, which is vital for the nervous system to develop and function properly after birth.

Your baby is using her tummy as a little gymnastic activity at 18 Weeks Pregnancy and doing a lot of kicking, rolling and falling around. Now that they’ve developed a grip, they’ll also be holding their umbilical cord – a built-in joke! If you’re having a little girl, she’ll already be developing eggs in her ovaries by 18 weeks – how amazing is that, isn’t it? Your baby genitals will now be formed and in place, and if you are having a boy, they may be visible during the 20 week anomaly, although this may not be possible depending on your baby’s positioning.

As early as 18 weeks of gestation , the baby can yawn and make facial gestures. You may even have hiccups. Vocal cords are working and he can cry now. You may finally start to feel some baby movement as he starts kicking and moving his hands more forcefully. If you’ve ever had a baby, you’ll recognize these movements right away. If it’s your first pregnancy, you may not notice it for another two weeks. Your eyes and ears have already developed by the end of this week.

Facts to know about your baby at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

  • At 18 weeks your baby will be around 14.2cm long, weighing around 190g and similar to an onion in size;
  • Your 18-week fetus is working its muscles and practicing all sorts of moves, from hiccups to kicks.

Control of Pregnancy at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Although the ideal age to perform morphological ultrasound is 20 to 22 weeks, at 18 weeks the baby’s anatomy is almost complete and, if necessary, the correct development of the baby’s main structures, such as the heart, can already be verified, kidneys , brain, liver, spine, genitals, etc.

In an ultrasound, the four heart chambers would be visualized and, through a Doppler ultrasound, the path of all the blood vessels in the baby’s body could be seen. You can also see how he sucks his thumb, how he yawns and even how he smiles.

Care for the 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Gynecologists recommend that you sleep on your left side. Why? Because, for example, if you put your face up, not only does your back take a lot of weight, but other organs, some central veins, and most of all, the vena cava. The vena cava is the most important, through which the heart receives blood without oxygen. When you lie on the left, the uterus with the baby will not exert the pressure explained. You will be positioning the womb correctly.

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Also, remember to take care of yourself without taking any kind of drug. Stay away from tobacco, alcoholic beverages and watch how much caffeine you drink. If you can, drink your coffee until after breastfeeding. Any questions you have about him (for example, if you ask “Why not have a belly” or “I have a hard belly”), we recommend consulting your doctor, who will help a lot to rest at night, when solving the problems. your concerns.

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