14 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

When you reach 14 weeks of gestation , the fetus is already fully formed, but it is still very small. From now on, it’s time to start gaining weight and growing fast, and each week it will look more and more like the little baby you will hold in your arms after birth.

Nails already appear on the fingers and toes, and it even has a unique fingerprint for each human being. Since the hair has already appeared in previous weeks, he now has a small layer of hair that forms his eyebrows. Your face is already formed and the eyes and nose are in place, so the fetus can already make faces and expressions by wrinkling the forehead and mouth.

At this stage, the umbilical cord is already well developed and is responsible for ingesting food and nourishing the fetus, in addition to passing on oxygen that allows it to develop, grow and gain weight more quickly.

However, your sexual organs are well defined and you can already see them through an ultrasound examination. Speaking of which, the 14th week of pregnancy is the limit for the nuchal translucency exam, so important during prenatal care, if you want to do it, so now is the time to speak with your doctor to issue guidelines.

Symptoms of 14 weeks of pregnancy:

You are already 14 weeks pregnant , you will not feel as much discomfort as in the previous weeks, if they do not disappear they will decrease considerably. The mother entered a stage of pregnancy in which the chances of miscarrying naturally were greatly reduced. Furthermore. some of the symptoms you may witness are:

  • Less nausea and urge to vomit after waking up in the morning.
  • The feeling of fatigue has decreased compared to previous weeks.
  • Less belly pain , and if you’ve bought bras that fit your breast sizes, it will also hurt less.
  • In general terms, pregnant women are much better, with more willingness to face the coming months and greater emotional stability. Keep smiling, you deserve it!
  • The belly continues to grow. Now yes, if you didn’t break the news to your loved ones, it’s time! Explain that you are going to bring a new child into the world. .
  • You could have a more odorless vaginal discharge. Don’t worry, because estrogen and an increase in blood volume are responsible for the increase in vaginal discharge . In any case, consult all your doubts with your gynecologist, nobody better than him will calm your worries.
  • It’s still too early to notice the baby’s movements.

14 weeks gestation: changes in the mother:

Emotions are present throughout pregnancy, and there are women who live through the first trimester with some worry, will the baby be okay? Will I have problems in the next few months? Relax, it’s time to start really trusting yourself and especially your body. Free from nausea and dizziness, you’ll enjoy many of the two trimesters to come.

One of the most important changes you will notice is a growing belly and a wider waist because your uterus is getting bigger. You almost certainly bought pants with an elasticated waist or adjustable maternity pants. In addition, the breasts are also more sensitive and are larger, it is a good time to buy special fixatives.

Bleeding gums?

As the blood volume is greater, it is easy to occur because the area is very sensitive and the blood vessels are very close to the skin. Don’t worry about spontaneous bleeding, yes: if it is very heavy, consult your doctor. Also, the same cause has nose bleed.

Before I tell you the changes in the baby you should finally know that! You’ll regain some energy and get less sleep, but remember to look for different postures to avoid discomfort: for example, on your side with your leg straight and the other tucked in, or both bent over your chest and a pillow between them.

The baby at 14 weeks gestation:

At 14 weeks of gestation , the head is still disproportionate to the body, although the baby is already perfectly recognizable as a tiny human. His facial features are becoming more and more evident and we could even see how he gestures with the muscles of his face, he sucks his thumb and his little hand.

He drinks amniotic fluid and pees inside his belly, shakes his arms and legs and seems to be happy in his intrauterine life. He already has some hair on his head, he has eyebrows, and his eyes continue to settle. His ears have already been put in their final place. If you had an ultrasound scanner in your house and watched it all day, you’ll see how fun it is to make faces, suck your thumb, and more. Well, the muscles in his face have already formed.

Your arms are more proportional in relation to your body, your legs are still in full development. They are only 14 weeks pregnant and already flex their wrist and elbow. A very fine hair called lanugo covers its body, it is like a fluff that will increase until the end of the third trimester and when it is born it will disappear.

His body grows very fast and you can see his neck. The reproductive system also develops at this stage. If you’re male, your prostate and if you’re a girl, your ovaries.

Start your hormone production. You can be sure, the chances of a miscarriage are practically zero in the second trimester.


  • It’s a good time to read to your baby. He or she will remember your expressions while doing so, it is also very good for brain development.
  • Talk to him all the time and tell his environment to do this too, so when he is born his family voices will be known to him and he will feel calmer.
  • All that kind of connection with your baby does nothing but strengthen the bond that binds them together for life.

Diet and nutrition at 14 weeks of pregnancy:

Weight gain in the first trimester of pregnancy varies from one woman to another. There are pregnant women who lose weight due to nausea and vomiting, and others gain weight very quickly. Your gynecologist will assess what weight gain will be for your particular case now that you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy.

If you haven’t gained almost the weight until the fourteenth week of pregnancy and all your analyzes are normal, don’t worry, soon you will start gaining weight due to the increase in the size of the abdomen and the growth of the baby.

On the contrary, if you have gained excessive weight, the gynecologist will review your diet to reduce the amount of fat and introduce more vegetables and fruits. Remember that drinking water will always be beneficial to prevent fluid retention .

The average weight a pregnant woman gains is around 12 or 14 pounds. If you gained weight too quickly, consult your gynecologist and do not go on a diet during pregnancy, it is totally contraindicated.

Tests to be done at 14 weeks of pregnancy:

Between 14 weeks of gestation and 20 weeks, a series of studies are performed to determine how likely your baby is to have a chromosomal abnormality such as Down Syndrome .

They may also indicate an amniocentesis if there is a history of congenital disorders in your family or if you are a mother over 40 years of age. These studies assume a minimal risk of miscarriage, so it’s important that you advise him very well.

Whatever the outcome of these studies, remember that they do not indicate the certainty of something bad in your baby, they are only indicators of probability. Also, the most important thing is to be calm and always think positive.

If you are not asked for these studies, it is because your doctor thinks it is not necessary. Check all your doubts with your doctor.

What do you feel:

Like it or not, you’ve adapted to this new life. The tiredness, nausea and pain in your breasts are disappearing and you feel renewed energy. Also, although your belly has grown in these 14 weeks of pregnancy , it still hasn’t grown in size enough to cause discomfort.

Connect with your baby:

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Your baby is real and is developing in your womb, it is a life that is forming and day by day it takes more strength. However, connect with him or her, talk to him, he is there waiting to hear from his mother.

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