13 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

At 13 weeks pregnant , you’ve developed a fetus that has vocal cords, teeth , and even fingerprints (wow!) and you’ve probably kept this amazing news (mostly) under wraps while wishing you could scream from the rooftops or at least wear it. -a as an excuse to start working late.

Around week 13 of pregnancy, many parents-to-be start spreading the word that there is a baby on the way. But know that there are no hard and fast rules about when you should disclose your secret.

It could be after your next prenatal appointment once you start showing, or at a big family event where everyone will be gathered. Or maybe everyone already knows! That’s totally your call.

13 weeks pregnant is how many months?

13 weeks of pregnancy corresponds to 3 months of pregnancy . This is the last week of the first trimester.

Your body at 13 weeks pregnant:

When you reach your second trimester, symptoms like morning sickness and exhaustion should begin to subside. By now, your placenta will be fully developed, but it will continue to grow in size throughout your pregnancy .

Your baby is connected to it through the umbilical cord, through which your baby gets enough oxygen and nutrients. However, the placenta also plays an important role in getting rid of waste products like carbon dioxide and producing many of the important hormones needed for the baby to develop.

It might not be very pretty to look at, but it’s really amazing work for your baby. This week, you may see the first signs of baby bumps, they usually appear between 12 and 16 weeks, but that completely depends on your body and your baby. A big impact can be one of the biggest excitements of 13 weeks pregnant  and now you can get ready to announce that you are expecting.

What you should be doing at 13 weeks pregnant:

As your second trimester approaches, you may find a boost in your sex drive! However, it’s worth noting that if you have a history of preterm delivery, it’s worth checking with your doctor beforehand.

If you find you’ve been showing off for weeks and you’re already blowing up all your clothes, it might be worth checking out twins. However, if your first ultrasound has confirmed that there is only a small bun in the oven, don’t worry, it could mean that the expiration date is not correct and that you are further along than you thought, or that you are full of gas. they are just swollen.

Common Symptoms at 13 Weeks Pregnancy:

1. More power:

Finally! At 13 weeks pregnant  the placenta is taking over, you should feel like you have an extra spring in your step. Consider using that energy and adding some exercise to your routine, but don’t go crazy!

2. Constipation:

We’ve mentioned this before, but during the 13th week of pregnancy  these important hormones create some unwanted side effects, and this is one of them! Your bowel muscles relax, which means they are less effective at moving things around, which can make you quite uncomfortable. Our top tips? Add some fiber – rich snacks to your diet – fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good options.

3. Asia:

Another one that is very common and probably won’t subside anytime soon, during 13 weeks of pregnancy , the muscle in the upper part of your stomach relaxes, which allows digestive acid to rise and cause that familiar burning in your chest. Stay away from spicy or fatty foods and keep those antacids on hand!

4. Visible veins:

You may not like them, but they are super important during the 13th week of pregnancy  and are a sign of increased blood supply to your growing baby.

5. Vaginal discharge:

Also known as leucorrhoea, this thin, milky, mild-smelling or odorless discharge is another perfectly normal symptom caused by the production of estrogen during pregnancy . Your job is to protect the birth canal from infection and keep it healthy through 13 weeks of pregnancy and throughout pregnancy , so don’t worry about using special baby wipes to clean it. The downside is that it can cause a mess of your favorite underwear, so wear a thin panty liner around this time.

6. Increased sexual desire:

If you’re one of those lucky pregnant women who feels like having sex at 13 weeks pregnant , well… enjoy! You may notice some post-coital spotting during the 13th week of pregnancy . A little spotting is normal simply because your cervix is ​​more sensitive. But heavy bleeding (like a period) isn’t, so call your doctor if it’s more like a flow.

Baby development at 13 weeks of pregnancy:

At  13 weeks pregnant  your baby is growing fast – and so can you! You can hear your heartbeat for the first time at your antenatal appointments. Your baby now weighs around 25g. Although you are not feeling the baby move yet, they are dancing inside you. As time passes, your jerky movements are becoming slower and more purposeful.

Your baby’s hands reach up to their mouth and sometimes feel like they’re yawning or breathing. At this  13 weeks pregnant , your baby only sleeps for a few minutes at a time, but later, during pregnancy , they start sleeping for long periods and you may even notice a pattern or an emerging routine. Your baby ‘s ovaries or testicles have developed inside your body and a small penis or penis is forming where there was a bump before.

What are the important nutrients at this 13 weeks of pregnancy?

Protein, iron and calcium are three nutrients you need at 13 weeks pregnant  to keep you healthy and stimulate your baby’s development.

1. Protein:

Aim for 71 grams of protein a day. Lean meats , eggs, and dairy products, as well as nuts, beans, and soy products like tofu, are good sources. Three servings a day should help you reach your goal. Additionally, fish is a good source of protein (as are omega-3 essential fatty acids), but due to contamination concerns, experts debate how much and what type of fish you should be eating.

2. Ferro:

Getting 27 milligrams of iron every day during the  13th week of pregnancy is especially important to help prevent iron deficiency anemia , a common problem among women.

Iron found in animal products (called heme iron  ) is more easily absorbed by your body than iron  found in plants (non-heme iron). The best source? Lean red meat . If you’re a vegetarian or can’t eat meat , you can get some iron  from vegetables like spinach and vegetables like lentils.

It can be difficult to get enough iron  from these sources, so your doctor may recommend an iron supplement. (Tip: Vitamin C increases the absorption of non-heme iron, so eat foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, strawberries, and peppers at the same time you eat iron -rich foods  without meat , or reduce your iron supplement with a glass of orange juice.)

3. Calcium:

Useful links: 

Four servings of dairy products a day will help you get the 1,000 mg of calcium you need (1,300 mg if you are 18 or younger). Your baby needs calcium for the formation of his bones and teeth . So if you don’t get enough of this nutrient, it will take what it needs from your body and you will lose calcium stored in your bones.

Tips for you in this 13 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Your second trimester is coming, and with it, your sex drive increases. Appreciate! But if you have a history of premature birth or miscarriage, you may need to refrain.
  • Schedule your first “I see the baby” ultrasound when the other half can join you. Also, recent research shows that viewing ultrasound images helps men get into daddy mode.
  • Stop peeling your fruit. An apple with the skin has 4.4 grams of fiber that causes constipation; ½ cup of applesauce is only 1.5 g. Apple juice : only 0.5 g.

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