11 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

There is a lot of talk about the discomforts that occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, but 11 weeks of pregnancy not only bring certain discomforts, but also some advantages. Women tend to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to promote the proper development of their baby, pregnancy and breastfeeding can protect against certain cancers and some women say they experience less menstrual pain after having a baby.

Development of your baby at 11 weeks of pregnancy:

The 11 weeks of gestation are critical because the first embryo and now the fetus have already completed a first phase of their development. He has also acquired a fully human appearance and this is when they develop the fastest, for example, his kidneys and his genital system.

Your skin is so thin, it’s almost transparent which is why you can see all of your veins. Teeth are forming in the gums. Some of your bones are starting to harden and your fingers and toes are not only all formed, but within a very short time you can open and close them.

At 11 weeks of gestation , the fetus measures 3 to 4 centimeters from the crown to the buttocks and weighs about eight grams. During this week, the baby starts generating its own red blood cells.

Soon it starts producing urine, the main component of amniotic fluid, where the baby will be very active, kicking and squirming, but you don’t notice the moment. Some movements will be added to those of the head, now joined to the torso by a much longer neck. The hard palate was also formed in the baby’s mouth.

The ovaries or testicles will begin to form and in case you are expecting a child, your testicles will start producing testosterone , the male hormone. The baby’s bladder and rectum have already separated, and the diaphragm, already complete, allows the fetus to make breathing movements.

Frequently asked questions at 11 weeks of pregnancy:

We want to answer all your questions this week, so we’ve put together a selection of the most frequently asked questions mothers-to-be ask themselves at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

11 weeks is how many months is it?

In the 11 weeks of pregnancy that are still in the second month of your pregnancy, and although you continue into the first trimester, which in theory is still the highest risk of miscarriage, your baby is already formed and with many functioning organs, which you can calm down a little.

At 11 weeks pregnant, do I have to have an ultrasound?

Your specialist will likely want to perform an ultrasound at 11 weeks of pregnancy . This would be your first trimester ultrasound and if you don’t do it now, you may be scheduled for 12 or 13 weeks into your pregnancy.

This ultrasound can visualize the start date of your pregnancy, ASPI how to detect if they have not already know, pregnant with twins or triplets and determine if there is a malformation of your baby, so it is very important that you do not stop doing this.

Do I have a belly at 11 weeks pregnant?

Not yet, unless you have twins or triplets, in which case you should already have a prominent belly that everyone can see. What happens at this point is that your uterus is inside your pelvis by the end of the first trimester, so even though it’s expanding, it’s still not that obvious to everyone.

What happens if I am diagnosed with a twin pregnancy?

If at 11 weeks gestation determines a twin pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about. Your pregnancy should go the same way as in a single-baby pregnancy, only your belly will be bigger and as the months go by, you can have more tests to make sure your babies have enough space.

Twin pregnancies are more likely to have a premature birth; thus, as you progress, pregnancy should be more careful and follow the steps indicated by your doctor.

Medical exams at week 11 of pregnancy:

The  11th week of pregnancy  is a week when you should get a lot of testing done if you haven’t done so before. Have you ever had a nuchal translucency ultrasound? What about the chorionic biopsy to study the fetal chromosomes, if your pregnancy is at risk?

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It is also the ideal time to perform your first pregnancy ultrasound , a routine, rigorous ultrasound to assess your baby’s development.

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